Sweet Tea Turkey Brine

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Sweet Tea Turkey Brine

For Thanksgiving it all starts with the turkey. Why not try something a little different this year with a turkey brined in Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. The sweetness from the tea, combined with rosemary, garlic, lemon and onion, creates a great flavor and color. Sweet tea gives amazing flavor and color to your Thanksgiving turkey. Use any type of container that will fit in your refrigerator but that’s big enough to hold the turkey and brine.



  • 1 gallon Milo's Famous Sweet Tea

    1 cup kosher salt

    3 large yellow onions, quartered

    4 lemons, sliced

    8 garlic cloves, peeled

    5 sprigs rosemary

    10 cups ice

  • Step 1In a large stock pot, combine Milo's Famous Sweet Tea and kosher salt. Heat just to boiling, stirring frequently until salt is dissolved. Add onion, lemon, garlic and rosemary. Remove from heat, and let cool to room temperature.

    Step 2When the broth mixture has cooled, pour it into a clean 5-gallon bucket. Stir in the ice.

    Step 3Wash and dry your turkey. Making sure you have removed the innards. Place the turkey, cavity side up, into the brine. Make sure that the cavity gets filled. Cover and place the bucket in the refrigerator overnight.

    Step 4Remove the turkey, carefully draining off the excess brine, and pat dry. Discard excess brine.

    Step 5Cook the turkey as desired, reserving the drippings for gravy.