Canadian River Sangria

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Canadian River Sangria

Unwind and relax through the summer heat with this sangria recipe that is sure to keep you and your party cool.

  • 2 oranges

    1 lemon

    1 lime

    1/3 cup Griffin’s Organic Syrup

    1/2 cup brandy, Plus more to taste

    1/2 cup Ozarka Water

    1 750 ml bottle Canadian River Vineyards “Classic Red”

  • Step 1Squeeze the juice of one of the oranges and half of each the lemon and lime into a large serving pitcher.

    Step 2Add the Griffin’s Organic Syrup, brandy and Ozarka water.

    Step 3Thinly slice the remaining fruit and allow it to set in the juice mixture for an hour or more. Add the wine and chill.

    Step 4Serve with ice.