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85% of MIO Coalition company sales are outside of the state, adding income back to the state and improving our local economy.

MIO Coalition companies employ more than 58,000 Oklahomans brining financial stability and security to individuals and their families.

$3.3 B.

MIO companies have a significant impact on the states $8 billion dollar agricultural economy, contributing $3.3 billion to Oklahoma’s growth.

Welcome to the Made In Oklahoma Coalition

The MIO Coalition is dedicated to building up agricultural-based companies in our state. By working together, we are able to improve local businesses as well as our economy. We have a profound impact on Oklahoma, and we invite you to see all that local has to offer.

Local has a


Local has a


Sweet Tea Turkey Brine

For Thanksgiving it all starts with the turkey. Why not try something a little different this year with a turkey brined in Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. The sweetness from the tea, combined with rosemary, garlic, lemon and onion, creates a great flavor and color. Sweet tea gives amazing flavor and color to your Thanksgiving turkey. Use any type of container that will fit in your refrigerator but that’s big enough to hold the turkey and brine.

Entree and Mains

Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a must on the Thanksgiving menu. But instead of the same old thing, try something different this year with browned butter mashed potatoes. Start by mashing the potatoes with the tanginess of Braum’s buttermilk, then adding salt, pepper and nutmeg. Then make the browned butter, by melting and cooking Braum’s Salted Butter. Once it’s reached golden brown, pour over the potatoes. These potatoes are so good you won’t need gravy. Browned butter is like liquid gold on top of already delicious buttermilk mashed potatoes. Browning the butter gives a nuttiness and intense flavor.


Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes

This is the ultimate taste of fall – pumpkin and pecan pancakes with warm syrup. Adding the pecans once the pancakes are on the griddle makes a pretty pancake. Our Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes are the epitome of fall. Gina’s Gourmet pumpkin spread combines with Shawnee Mills pancake mix to make a breakfast that will have your taste buds singing. A sprinkle of local Miller Pecan Co. pecans adds a fresh nuttiness, and a topping of fresh Hiland butter and classic Griffin’s syrup pull all the flavors together. This makes a great weekend breakfast or brunch along with Oklahoma favorites like Bar-S bacon and Greer’s Ranch House sausage. Make this recipe and wait for the oohs and ahhs.


Pasta with Sweet Corn and Mushrooms

Want comfort food in a bowl? Cozy up with this buttery pasta with corn, garlic and sauteed mushrooms. Another trend we love is the pasta bowl. Starting with Della Terra – a small-batch artisan pasta maker – is the key. Della Terra’s campanelle pasta holds onto to all the tasty ingredients in our Sweet Corn and Mushroom Pasta Bowl. Sauteing a variety of J-M mushrooms, including shiitake and cremini, adds great flavor. The pasta bowl gets added creaminess and flavor from Hiland butter, Roark Acres honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar. This combination, along with the onions, corn and garlic, makes a dish you won’t want to stop eating.