Field’s Pies is local & delicious. Add a pecan pie from Field’s to your next celebration.

For 175 years, NSP’s custom protein has been perfect for the holidays.

Holiday dinners aren’t complete without Suan’s!

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85% of MIO Coalition company sales are outside of the state, adding income back to the state and improving our local economy.

MIO Coalition companies employ more than 58,000 Oklahomans brining financial stability and security to individuals and their families.

$3.3 B.

MIO companies have a significant impact on the states $8 billion dollar agricultural economy, contributing $3.3 billion to Oklahoma’s growth.

Welcome to the Made In Oklahoma Coalition

The MIO Coalition is dedicated to building up agricultural-based companies in our state. By working together, we are able to improve local businesses as well as our economy. We have a profound impact on Oklahoma, and we invite you to see all that local has to offer.

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Super Bowl Taco Soup

Our Super Bowl Taco Soup couldn’t be simpler to make. It’s the kind of recipe even picky eaters will like. Put a couple of jars of Ace in the Bowl salsa on your grocery list. You’ll want one for chips and dip, and the other for this great soup. Set out limes and avocado to add new notes of flavor to this great dish.


One Pot Red Beans and Rice

Another fun recipe is our One Pot Red Beans and Rice. This is a complete meal all in one bowl. It’s a good one to have for an event like the Super Bowl because everyone can serve themselves by layering the rice, the beans and then adding any toppings or hot sauces they like.

Entree and Mains

Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Pizza

This Okie-inspired pizza combines the great flavors of chicken, bacon and ranch dressing. Pizza is on the dinner rotation for most people for good reason. It’s something everyone in the house can agree on. But if you’re looking for something beyond marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, try a chicken, bacon and ranch pizza. This pizza, which starts with a Shawnee Mils pizza crust mix, can be made in a round pizza pan or shaped into a rectangle for flatbread. The base is a mixture of Braum’s sour cream combined with Head Country seasoning. This creamy, smoky spread is great on pizza or as a dip. A layer of cooked and sliced chicken, J-M mushrooms and Bar-S bacon add a great depth of flavor. You’re going to want more than one slice of this pizza!

Entree and Mains

John’s Famous Pork Tenderloin

Delicious barbecue cooked low and slow takes hours, but our recipe brings a lot of flavor in a fraction of the time. It all starts with Oklahoma pork and John’s Bar-B-Q sauce and dry rub, made in Okemah. John’s championship-style sauce and rub, plus the sweetness of Cheatwood’s Honey, gives great flavor to the pork. Marinate overnight for the most intensity, then cook in the oven or an outdoor grill for a one-of-a- kind barbecued pork. Barbecued pork tenderloin is great sliced and eaten with everything from cheese grits to baked potatoes to roasted veggies. Or, shred it for barbecue pork sliders served with classic sides like potato salad and baked beans. This pork tenderloin is so good, you may want to double the recipe and freeze a portion to have for quick weeknight dinners. Serve it with John’s Bar-B-Q sauce in either mild or hot on the side.