Why Local

Why MIO?

Our Mission


“Promote brand awareness and consumer loyalty for Oklahoma food and agricultural products through collective marketing for the purpose of increasing sales, maintaining business retention and expanding Oklahoma’s food processing sector.”

We have spent decades working to promote Oklahoma brands and businesses, and we are always looking for new ways to support the state’s economy.
MIO Coalition membership is exclusive to advanced Oklahoma food producers and processors who have met certain criteria.
MIO members have multiple opportunities to participate in cost-share activities and marketing promotions through a range of media outlets including print, digital and social media.
Most of all, members benefit from the synergy and mentorship that comes from working together as a team with a common goal, to promote consumer loyalty to Oklahoma-made products.

Our Impact


Every dollar that you spend on Made in Oklahoma products creates a positive impact in the lives of Oklahomans by boosting the state’s economy and increasing the number of local jobs available throughout the state and your community while expanding the state’s GDP.

  • The MIO Coalition members employ over 58,000 Oklahomans.
  • The MIO Coalition generates $3.3 billion of Oklahoma’s $8 billion agriculture sector.

Buying local is an investment in the future of our state as well as our quality of life.