No Guilt Vegie Dip

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No Guilt Vegie Dip

120 min


  • 17 oz Plain Greek Yogurt

    3 tbsp Mayo

    1 tbsp Andrew's Honey

    1 cup Kale, Finely Chopped

    1 cup Spinach, Finely Chopped

    4 Green Onions, Green part only, finely Chopped

    1/4 cup Carrot, Finely Minced

    1 tbsp Daddy Hinkle's Spicy Pepper Seasoning

    1 pkg Advance Pierre Steak Fingers

    1 pkg Advance Pierre Chicken Strips

  • Step 1Prepare the Frozen chicken and beef according to the directions on the packaging

    Step 2Combine all remaining ingredients in a bowl mixing well. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

Preparing: 120 min

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