Located in rural Tulsa County in a historically underdeveloped area west of the train yards and Lookout Mountain, Scissortail Farms contains scalable production greenhouses utilizing aeroponic technology to grow lettuces, leafy greens and herbs.

Our farm is home to over 26,000SF of greenhouse space, where aeroponic technology produces lettuce, leafy greens and herbs that are delicious and safe. The produce then reaches you fresh from our farms and has a longer shelf life due to reduced transportation.

Scissortail Farms provides locally-grown, harmful chemical- and manure-free leafy greens and herbs for our community while minimizing the environmental impact, preserving water, and eliminating long-haul transportation. Production is reliable and consistent.

We strive to be a reliable local source of the highest quality produce through the use of sustainable and efficient business practices, so that our local communities can benefit from having access to excellent produce all year round.