Schwab Meat Company


The Schwab Meat Co. dream began in Sachsenhausen, West Germany with the company’s founder, George Peter Schwab (1866 – 1943). After landing at Ellis Island on July 20th, 1890 with several prized “old world” sausage recipes, Schwab set out to make his dream of bringing authentic German sausages to the United States a reality.

By the mid 1890s, Schwab had moved to Leavenworth, Kansas and had begun making sausages for a living; however, after meeting and marrying Katharina Kirshner and having two children (Chris and Katie) the Schwab’s decided to relocate to Oklahoma City, where Katharina’s parents lived, around 1900. Here, the Schwab family would add two new members to their family (Walter and Frieda) and establish the store location Schwab Meat Co. uses to this day at 1111 Linwood Blvd. After many prosperous years of business, two more Schwabs (Christoph and Leonhard) moved to Oklahoma in 1923 to help further expand the family business. In the decades to come, the Schwab family kept the business a tightly knit family operation with an emphasis on building customer relationships and making only the highest quality “old world” sausages. By the mid 1900s, Walter Schwab and his two sons (George and Jack) came to leadership for the company during an era of further growth for the family business.

Today, Jack’s sons (Scott and Larry) run the recently 100-year-old company with the help of their children – now fifth generation sausage makers. Just as the many generations before them, Scott, Larry and their children all strive to uphold the values set before them and produce only the highest quality, traditional, “old world” sausages and meat products.