City Bites

Made In Oklahoma City Bites.
About Us

City Bites is an Oklahoma based restaurant chain consisting of 17 metro locations. The company is owned and operated by the four Blevins Brothers (Mark, Brad, Gary, & Eric). All aspects and responsibilities of the company are handled in house starting with site selection, design, construction, operations & administrative support. City Bites also operates it’s own bakery commissary for the purpose of manufacturing and distribution of 17 varieties of cookies & brownies to all of the locations.

The City Bites formula for success has developed through the direct involvement of the Blevins Brothers by being hands on operators in constant contact with management, employees, & customers. They have two philosophies: first, not to ask someone to do a job they would not do themselves and second, to provide a work atmosphere that is relaxed and empowers each employee with the ability to provide guest satisfaction. This attitude has helped to achieve over 25 plus years of continued growth with current annual sales of over $10 Million and 330 employees.

The City Bites Corporation focuses marketing efforts on the local community contributing to local schools, churches, & charities.