Ken’s Bakery


Serving Sweetness Since 1960

Ken Daniels founded Ken’s Bakery in 1960 having recently returned home from his service in the U.S. Marine Corps. The roots of this family owned business, however, date back over a century when Ken’s father sold his baked goods on street cars, then via delivery truck, then through his Daniels Pastries retail establishment in downtown Oklahoma City. A guiding principle of Ken’s Bakery is to always be responsive to client needs. To meet increased customer demand decades ago, Ken’s Bakery evolved from delivering freshly baked goods daily to producing frozen products.

Today, Ken’s Bakery is a wholesale manufacturer of frozen bakery products whose clients are primarily food distributors. Our products are found in restaurants, casinos, in-store bakeries, and schools in multiple states. The size of our business positions us to be competitive with our pricing and flexible to meet unique customer requests. Currently specializing in cobblers and pies, Ken’s Bakery will be expanding its product line in 2020. As it has for the last 60 years, Ken’s Bakery remains committed to producing quality products with original formulas and stellar customer service.