Juice Bowl


Juice Bowl started out in 1967 by packaging fresh fruit juice into shelf stable containers, providing much-needed vitamin C and other nutrients to children. As we gained capabilities and experience, Juice Bowl’s formulations and products grew to include things like acerola berries and natural fruit juice for baby food.

With the vision to provide natural, healthier beverages to children nationwide, Jerry Whitlock (owner and founder of Whitlock Packaging) purchased Juice Bowl in 2004. Since then, Juice Bowl has grown to a wide assortment of 100% all natural fruit and vegetable juice blends and bottled teas.

Products high in nutrition play an important role in school feeding programs. But without great taste the products won’t be chosen or consumed. With Juice Bowl and other CEBEV products you get both: Healthy Choices and Delicious Beverages.

We’re not just for kids. Many airlines serve Juice Bowl and other CEBEV products to thousands of travelers daily. We are growing domestically, are one of the top juice brands in the Bahamas, and are served internationally.

Need a product with a long and stable shelf life? Juice Bowl aseptic products, Juice Boxes, were introduced in 2005 for the US Military. Since that time, they have been included in many emergency relief efforts, as well becoming a staple in local feeding programs.