Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma


The Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma (CBAO) was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2015 to strengthen and unify the Oklahoma brewing industry. CBAO is dedicated to educating and creating awareness among legislators, regulators and the general public of the issues facing the craft brewing industry in Oklahoma, and to promote a healthy economic environment that enables public choices in the marketplace by Oklahoma breweries. Our organization offers three types memberships – Brewery, Allied and Enthusiast, with nearly 200 members making up the organization. CBAO also hosts a variety of events including Oklahoma Brewer’s Fest, Beer + Birdies Golf Tournament, Pint Day and Strong Ale Fest to name a few. In July 2021, CBAO partnered with the Department of Agritourism to launch the Oklahoma Craft Beer Trail which includes 60 statewide breweries and five separate regions across the state.