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Suan discovered her love for the Scotch Bonnet pepper while living in Jamaica. It’s unique and unforgettable flavor is what makes Suan’s Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly one of her most popular items, all of which are created from only the finest and highest quality products.

Diane’s Signature Dressings

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Diane’s journey started, a mother and two daughters, with the intention that one day this would allow them to do for others needing a helping hand, what it had done for them in a time of difficulty and tuff decision making. Diane’s products are created by hand, together as a family in a licensed facility. Each ingredient is added one by one to ensure only the finest results. It is beautifully layered in three levels to reveal something truly special

What has MIO in such good spirits?

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Written By Courtney Phelps-Talbot
Edited by Derek Duty

WanderFolk Spirits

There’s always something new brewing with MIO, and this month we are excited for the launch of WanderFolk Spirits! Wander Folk is the new name for Oklahoma’s first legal distillery, formerly known as Prairie Wolf. While the company will keep the original Prairie Wolf products available as a budget line, the new WanderFolk brand also comes with a fresh set of premium products that reinvent the company and direction for its exciting future.

The journey to transform their distillery involved more than just the creation of unique craft spirits as they also set out to reinvent and rebrand Oklahoma’s very first legal distillery with the goal of putting the state firmly on the map as a craft spirits destination.

The new product lines include two vodkas and a gin under the “Garden Club” label (honoring Guthrie’s nickname of “The Garden Club City”) as well as several whiskey offerings with the name, “Same Old Moses.” The latter is a tribute to Moses Weinberger, a Kansas grocer turned whiskey purveyor, who opened the first legal bar in Oklahoma Territory in Guthrie under that very name.

With the goal to utilize some of Oklahoma’s local agricultural assets, WanderFolk sought out to source their rye from local farms as Oklahoma produces the most rye of any state in the nation. In addition to the rye production, Oklahoma also has one of the most advanced wheat development programs in the world at Oklahoma State University which heavily influenced Wanderfolk’s decision to produce a 4-grain Bourbon and enable them to be as “made in Oklahoma” as possible in their future whiskey developments.

WanderFolk is hoping to use their brand to invite others to wander with them and discover new wonders ahead in their uniquely and distinctly Oklahoma products. Taste and see what all the talk is about at Mike & Ike’s Good Times Saloon located in the heart of historic Downtown Guthrie. Mack & Ike’s is the first true cocktail/tasting room of its kind in the town, offering handcrafted cocktails built around WanderFolk’s spirits in a comforting & inviting space welcoming all that wish to wander in, a great time with tasty drinks in hand. (Fun fact: Mike & Ike were the first bartenders at Weinburger’s Same Old Moses Saloon mentioned earlier!)

WanderFolk Spirits will be available July 1st, 2021 at any bar, restaurant, liquor store, or event space offering fine craft spirits in Oklahoma. If you enjoy delicious cocktails, with a distinctly Oklahoman focus, you will not want to miss what this team is handcrafting to put our state on the spirits-making map now and well into the future.


MIO Okies from Muskogee

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Griffin’s rich history started in 1908 by brothers John T. and Charles M. Griffin with the Griffin Grocery Company in McAlester, OK.

Griffin manufacturing first started with coffee, with their famous syrup being added to the line in 1930. By this time, they had also built multiple facilities across Oklahoma and Arkansas. The company continued to grow to employ over 100 individuals and distribute their products over 15 states. Griffin Foods has remained a family business to this day, with John’s grandson currently operating the company in Muskogee, OK.

Griffin Foods now sells syrups, jellies and preserves, yellow mustard and Jalapeño mustard in stores throughout the state of Oklahoma, along with offering  co-pack, food service and private label services. Despite the sticky situation of supply sourcing issues during the pandemic, they were able to meet all of their customers’ demands.

Cornmeal Pancakes Recipe!

We’re still flipping out over the Cornmeal Pancakes recipe posted earlier, a perfect palette for “Oklahoma’s Favorite,” Griffin’s Original Syrup.

Game Day, the Local Way

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You don’t have to admit if you’re a little more excited about the food, the friends, and the fun than the actual football game, but just know, you are definitely not alone.

Fall and football season is one of our favorite times of the year and these simple and delicious Game Day food ideas will be sure to turn your snack table into a touchdown!

Tailgate Honey Nut Caramel Corn

First up is our tailgating snack with a delicious twist! Cheer on your favorite team while munching on our Tailgate Honey Nut Caramel Corn. This recipe is full of yummy locally made ingredients such as: Miller Pecan pecans, Healthy Cravings Bees Knees Honey Cinnamon Nut Mix, Cheatwood’s Pure Raw Honey, butter from Hiland Dairy and Griffins imitation vanilla. This fantastic local line-up, is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

The complete recipe can be viewed on our recipe tab or click the link below:

Nacho Table

The goal for a snack table is to keep the party food stocked without missing any of the action, and our Nacho Table recipe is a fun way to casually serve friends and family without running to the kitchen between commercials, referee calls and time-outs.

In our book, nachos are the ultimate party food. And the best part about nachos is that everybody loves them. Our version features a spicy mix of MIO products including Augustos Green Sauce and fiesta favorites like salsa and pickled jalapeños from Sixth Day Snacks. Add some good local brews from Anthem or Stonecloud Brewing and you’ve got yourself a game day winner.

The complete how-to can be viewed on our recipe tab or click the link below:

When you gather round with family and friends this season, add some local to your line-up and taste the difference local can make!