McClintock's Saloon

Made In Oklahoma McClintock Saloon.
About Us

You won’t find a hitching post outside and there are no swinging doors, but you’ll discover McClintock’s Saloon, A Chop House in Stockyard City – Oklahoma City to be an extremely appealing place to enjoy a great dining experience and maybe three fingers of whiskey like the Cowboys of the Wild West did.

The local owners and management of McClintock’s have spent more than a year carefully researching, designing and creating this one-of-a-kind dining experience – complete with an amazing 50-foot long hand-crafted oak and brass bar and a commissioned painting of a prone, scantily-clad young lady just like the old West.

You won’t find Wyatt Earp or Marshall Dillon and there will be no dancing girls (we don’t think, although we will have live music occasionally). But you’ll find the quality of our cuisine – the product of careful planning by some of the finest restaurateurs and chefs in this part of the country – to be exceptional and that amazing 50-foot bar will be well stocked with a wide variety of wines, liquors and beer.

In other words, McClintock’s Saloon, A Chop House in Stockyard City promises to be an unforgettable dining experience. Moreover, it guarantees a good time by all.