Granny’s Kitchen

Made in Oklahoma Coalition Granny's Kitchen.
About Us
When you come into Granny’s Kitchen you are not just eating at one of the best breakfast joints in Oklahoma, but you are biting into some rich history. You may think that Granny’s Kitchen has only been part of the Stillwater community for the past few years, and it may come as a surprise to find out that though the name has changed the location, family, and flavors date back to 1945.
A home style cooking restaurant born in Stillwater in the 1940s.
We use the same logo and recipes as the old restaurant and it is in the same location as a long time ago.
The restaurant’s dining areas are filled with reminders of Stillwater’s past appearance. some of the pictures hanging around the restaurant are 115 years old.  An average of 2,000 customers a week visit the restaurant to experience its home cooked style meals.
Granny’s Kitchen features both breakfast and lunch menus including both new recipes and recipes from the original restaurant. Recipes from the original Granny’s Kitchen are marked on the menu with cowboy hats.
Everything is fresh with meat three times a week from Ralph’s Packing Co., in Perkins “It’s Granny’s policy that our meat doesn’t go to the freezer.”
The entire menu can be found on
Granny’s Kitchen is proud to say they have grown to 3 Locations!
We look forward to seeing you soon!!!