Over the Fence Farms

When her company told her they were moving 80 miles away, Linda, her husband, Jerry had to make a choice. Move away from everything she loved, or do something else. Cooking has always been a passion so it made since to do something with food. With a pickle recipe, the help of Oklahoma State University’s FAPC and the James Strate Center for Business Development in Enid, Over the Fence Farms was born. That was in 2012 when they only had 3 products! Since then, they have had many requests for different products and now have more than 40 to choose from. Some of their notable items are: Raspberry Habanero Sauce or Vinaigrette, Cowgirl Kisses (sweet jalapeno relish), Whoa Nellie (sweet jalapeno mustard), and Jezebel Sauce as well as numerous jams, jellies and snack items. And to think it all started with Pickles and Bread Mixes! They specialize in anything sweet & spicy but love to take on new challenges.