Lloyd’s Cuts

Established in 1941 by founder Lloyd Johnson, Tulsa Fruit Company continued to grow and offer more than just produce. After outgrowing its existing facility, the company relocated and joined the Pro*Act network in 2007. With sustained growth, Tulsa Fruit Company rebranded as GoFresh Produce in 2009 and continued our ongoing expansion of available service areas. To better serve customers and continue expanding the availability of our products and services to new service areas, GoFresh opened a second warehouse in Oklahoma City.

Through a merger with Little Rock, Arkansas based Metro Foods, we have extended our distribution area allowing us to provide access to items such as Fresh Cut Produce, Fresh Bread and select Frozen products well into Central and Northwest Arkansas. To meet the needs of customers seeking easier ways to place orders, we launched the GoFresh Portal in 2015 to accommodate online purchases. Now a 3rd generation business, Lloyd Johnson’s great-grandchildren Colby Johnson, Gabe Johnson, and Cissy Smith operate the company.

GoFresh is committed to providing the best experience for fresh products possible, including fresh bread, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, processed items or any other products we may carry. By partnering with local farmers, we are able to provide great in-season products to chefs for a local and fresh experience. Whether you are looking for fresh produce, spices or anything in between, GoFresh is here to help.

By utilizing state of the art storage and climate-controlled facilities, we are able to give our clients the best product possible consistently. The implementation of tracking and routing systems has allowed us to service a wide area including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southwest Missouri and Southern Kansas.