J-M Farms


At J-M Farms, it is our mission is to provide the safest, best quality and most competitively priced product to our customers while doing so at the most economical cost. We recognize that our team members are our most valuable asset and everyone will strive to provide the safest working environment possible. Our team members place our support in the communities that we live in and strive to ensure a better way of life.

The first mushrooms were picked on March 13, 1980 and the first delivery was made the following day to Associated Wholesale Grocers of Springfield, MO. During the summer of 1983 we began construction on an expansion which would increase the farm’s growing capacity by 100%. Crossland Construction Co, our original builder, completed this expansion. Another expansion of 16% came in 1986. In 1991, construction began on our third major expansion increasing capacity by yet another 50% Building expansions and changes in technology have allowed the farm to grow over 60096sq ft from its original size and growing capacity. In December of 2020, again with the help of Crossland Construction, J-M completed its Phase II Tunnel Facility. This is a 40,000 sq ft state of the art facility that houses the critical pasteurization process, as well as the final compost conditioning operations. This addition incorporates advanced technology that is much more energy efficient than our past processes and improves overall crop consistency. J-M is committed to being the best neighbor we can be, to our hometown of Miami, and to our home state of Oklahoma. We hope that by bringing this advanced technology to the Miami area, we can be even better than before.

J-M Farms, Inc. packs under the J-M Fresh label. Our fleet of trucks deliver product to Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Wyoming. 2020 marked J-M’s 40th anniversary. We are proud of this achievement. Our team of dedicated employees have made this possible, and we look forward to our continued success over the next 40 years. The future is bright for mushrooms!