Hansen’s Eggs


Since the early 1950s, Hansen’s Eggs has been supplying Oklahomans with the freshest, highest quality product, available in the food service and retail marketplace. Orville Hansen, our founder, began Hansen’s Eggs based off principles we still hold true today by asking a simple question. “How can we provide the freshest eggs, at an affordable price?” Since then, Hansen’s adopted a true “Farm-to-Fork” business model, but without all the frills and labels of a traditional product. Truly, wholesomely, and simply farm fresh eggs.

So how does it work? Well, our hens lay one egg every day. However, rather than gathering and storing these eggs in a cooler or selling them to a big-box distribution company; Hansen’s Eggs gathers, grades, and packs each day’s eggs. Then, those eggs are loaded directly on our trucks, and delivered to your local grocery store, restaurant, or food service company. On average, our eggs are between 24 and 48 hours old when they are delivered to their destination. 

It does not stop there. We pride ourselves on quality all the way around. Therefore, our hens are fed a strict vegetarian diet, made up of locally sourced ingredients, many of which are grown on our own farm or the same county. For example, milo, a main ingredient, is grown right here on Hansen Farms, and sourced from Blaine and Kingfisher counties. This is why we have happiest, and healthiest hens!

Check us out today! Our product is produced in Oklahoma, supporting Oklahoma, and for Oklahoma. Try them, and taste the difference!

Check out our product list below:
Retail (Grade A): Jumbo One Dozen, Extra-Large One Dozen, Large One Dozen, Large 18-Count, Large 2 ½ Dozen, Large 5 Dozen, and Medium One Dozen
Food Service (Grade A): Jumbo, Extra-Large, Large, and Mediums available in 15 or 30 dozen cases packed with 2 ½ dozen flats.