Daddy Hinkle’s


Daddy Hinkle’s is built upon and dedicated to the story of J. Frank Hinkle. The company’s
history began with the dreams and the work of his grandchildren. It will continue with his
great-grandchildren, and hopefully with his great-great-grandchildren and beyond.

As an oilman, Daddy Hinkle entertained a lot of people in restaurants and especially at his lake
home in Decatur, Illinois. He loved a good T-bone steak. His wife, Zula, who later would be
known as Mamaw to everyone, “doctored up” the steaks with a combination of garlic salt,
tenderizer, celery salt, paprika, seasoned salt, pepper and everything else she could find in the
kitchen cabinet.

Whatever the combination of seasonings, the steaks proved to be irresistible to one and all of
the parade of guests, family, and business associates that dined at Daddy Hinkle’s table
throughout his lifetime Today the marinades, seasonings, and rubs baring the name Daddy
Hinkle’s are sold in an ever-increasing number of states throughout the USA. In December of
1994 we sold 9 cases of Daddy Hinkle’s Marinade to our first customer.

David Hinkle Southard, Daddy Hinkle’s grandson now heads up the company. He continues in
the traditions of Daddy Hinkle and brings to each of our customers the same care his
grandfather gave his. He hopes that Daddy Hinkle’s Marinades will become a family tradition
someday in every home in America.

We think Daddy Hinkle would like that.