Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Foods


Ben Jack Larado’s Gourmet Foods features our legendary Bloody Mary Mix, a perfectly balanced mixer that creates a zesty brunch cocktail. We are proud to ship our Ben Jack Larado’s Bloody Mary Mix across the United States. Each bottle is hand packed with a pickled asparagus spear (our swizzle stick!) continuing decades of family tradition dedicated to quality and consistency.

Our family began producing asparagus in 1981 on the Rockin’ L-H Asparagus Farm. Long hours in the test kitchen led to the development of pickled asparagus and the bloody mary mix. It wasn’t long until we grew beyond our agricultural roots and created Ben Jack Larado’s Gourmet Foods. Today, we remain well-equipped to serve the needs of our retail, foodservice, ecommerce, and export customers.

At Ben Jack Larado’s Gourmet Foods, we also produce an extensive selection of gourmet mustards, dressings, pickled products and an ever-expanding line of sauces and seasonings. Our tradition of quality is evident-you can truly taste the difference with every product.

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