Amelia Creamery


Amelia Creamery launched in January of 2017 and produces Amelia Natural French Style
Yogurt, the world’s best yogurt! We define our yogurt as rich and creamy in texture with no tart
aftertaste; its decadent and indulgent in flavor. We follow the same traditional methods and
techniques for making our yogurt as Europeans have done for centuries…a true art form. We
take care to use only the finest, natural ingredients such as whole milk and demerara raw
sugarcane sugar and we make our yogurt fresh in small batches to ensure that you get the very
best yogurt in every jar. Amelia yogurt also has a proprietary blend of probiotics packing it full of
health benefits. You won’t find any preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients in our Amelia
yogurt. We have a variety of traditional flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and blueberry to
name a few. We also have some unique flavors such as guava, pumpkin and maple. In addition
to its delicious flavor, Amelia yogurt comes in beautiful, ceramic clay jars that can be
repurposed. From the ingredients to the packaging, we strive for excellence. Why do we go to
such great lengths to offer our consumers this amazing product…because we want you to
remember your experience with Amelia yogurt beyond the empty jar!

Amelia Natural French Style Yogurt is available in grocery stores, coffee shops and farmer’s markets across the state.