Ace in the Bowl


For over 20 years, I took my salsa to many family and social events. Because of its unique
taste, many times I was asked if I ever thought of marketing my salsa. At first, I didn’t give it
much thought because having a small family business and 2 daughters I was busy with work,
school functions and all of their activities. How would I have time to start a Made in Oklahoma
Salsa business?

In January 2012 I took the leap and with the help of Oklahoma State University’s Robert M. Kerr
Food & Agricultural Products Center I learned the process and approach to market my Salsa.
Soon after, Unique Foods, LLC became a reality and in October 2012, Ace In The Bowl, Salsa
was in jars ready to go on store shelves. Currently, it is available State wide in grocery stores,
specialty shops and online.

Ace In The Bowl, Salsa is truly a gourmet made with high quality ingredients not found in most
off-the-shelf salsas. It is all natural with no sugar added, gluten free and vinegar the only added
preservative. The Salsa is low in calories, carbohydrates, fat and sodium. There are 3 levels of
heat mild, medium and hot making it appealing to all ages and those with dietary needs. It is not
only good with chips but a multitude of other uses. Several recipes have been enhanced when
the salsa was added. The ideas are endless.

Enjoy the winning hand taste of Ace In The Bowl, Salsa…salsa worth betting your chips on!