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The Torrez market onion site has two types of mirrors. The first type of Torrez mirror is for a regular browser, you can go to Torrez through google and so on and there is a second type of mirrors, this is the .onion domain, this type of mirrors can only be accessed through the TOR browser and nothing else to enter the Torrez market through tor , we will leave you two links below, for a regular browser login to Torrez and through tor browser mirror 2021.

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Simple interface will not let you get confused and will make your stay on the site convenient and simple


Our platform is written from scratch and sharpened for maximum speed


A clever system of gateways, bridges, onion routing allows you to achieve the highest security and anonymity

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    Create an account

    To do this, open the registration page , fill in the required fields and click the "register" button

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    Select a product

    An excellent navigation system with transitions to categories is presented to your attention

  • Top up your wallet

    Bitcoin wallet can be transferred from another wallet or through exchangers

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    Pay and receive the goods

    Having entered the required product, click the pay button, you will be sent data about the location of the purchase, etc.

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    We hope that our service will bring you maximum pleasure

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    Still have questions?

    How safe is the Torrez market to use?

    Our engineers are the best cybersecurity specialists, the most modern technologies ensure 100% anonymity and security.

    What if the site is blocked?

    It's no secret that recently the government has taken a firm grip on the Internet and anonymity in particular, so for the greatest convenience we have created several mirrors of our site, if some mirror does not work, try < a href = "# mirrors"> other

    How do I enter the Torrez market?

    To do this, simply follow the link

    What if I haven't received my item?

    Indeed, because of some people who are looking for other people's goods, this situation is possible, after the purchase you have 24 hours to appeal, in this case the Torrez market administration will urgently consider your complaint and honestly resolve the situation.

    Description of substances


    Marijuana (Cannabis)

    It evokes different feelings depending on the variety (indica / sativa).

    Indica and sativa are opposite in the effect of smoking - if indica causes lethargy, decreased activity, strong relaxation, then sativa, on the contrary, stimulates a surge of energy, raises mood and provokes active actions.

    Both of these varieties have been used for medicinal and medicinal purposes. Cannabis varieties with a high indica content were primarily used to relieve insomnia and pain, so they were often used before bed. Indica cannabis seeds have a reduced percentage of THC.

    Sativa's reverse action - stimulating and activating inner potential - has found application in the treatment of stress, depression, increased anxiety.

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    Euporetics (MDMA, Mephedrone)

    MDMA (Ecstasy)

    Effects of MDMA appear 30-60 minutes after ingestion, peak at 75-120 minutes, plateau lasting 3.5 hours. 7) Short-term psychoactive effects of MDMA include:

    • Euphoria - a feeling of satisfaction and happiness
    • Increase social activity and communication skills
    • Entactogenic effects - increasing empathy or feelings of closeness with others
    • Feeling of inner peace
    • Minor hallucinations (increased sense of colors and sounds and vision with closed eyes)
    • Enhancing sensation, perception or sexuality
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    Mephedrone causes euphoria, stimulating effect, promotes a deeper understanding of music, improves mood, reduces hostility, improves mental performance and has a mild sexual stimulation; these effects are similar to those of cocaine, amphetamine and MDMA, and last for different amounts of time depending on the route of administration. When taken orally, users reported an effect within 15-45 minutes; when inhaled, the effects were felt within a few minutes and reached a peak within half an hour. When taken orally or through the nose, the effect lasts from two to three hours


    Stimulants (Cocaine, Amphetamine)


    Cocaine leads to an uplifting mood and sociability, secrets do not become secret. Memory and mental performance are improved for a short period of time. You're starting to feel like a god.

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    Amphetamine, can improve performance on complex and boring assignments, and is used by some students as "doping" for exams.

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    Psychedelics (LSD, mushrooms)


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    Mushrooms increase self-awareness and a sense of contact with the "Transcendent Other" - reflecting a deeper understanding of our connection with nature. Psychedelic drugs can induce states of consciousness that have personal and spiritual meanings in religious or spiritually inclined individuals; these states are called mystical experiences.

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    Fraud has become more frequent, we recommend that you bookmark the site so as not to lose it.