Stone Sisters Organics


Born and bred in Oklahoma, the Stone sisters spent a wild, raucous childhood that landed them with just one goal in life: Spread Love. Currently, they’re spreading that love in the form of healthy, delicious pizza.
Sheli Stone Stenseth began her culinary journey with pure, unprocessed food as a young wife, caring for her husband as he fought a battle with brain cancer. With a passionate understanding that “we are what we eat,” Sheli’s own gluten intolerance led her to explore ancient grains. The result: Sprouted Spelt Pizza Crust, an organic, low-carb, gluten-friendly, vegan, low glycemic — and darn yummy! — thin, crispy pizza crust.
Knowing that she discovered something worth sharing, the affectionately nicknamed “Bratty Little Sister” Sheli joined forces with “Bossy Big Sister” Traci Stone, “Misunderstood Middle Sister” Tami Stone Lake, and “Mama Stone” Sherrie Ives to open Stone Sisters Pizza Bar in Oklahoma City.
When they started their business, they thought they were in for an uphill battle educating and enlightening their customers about the benefits of eating sprouted spelt, but their restaurant quickly became a huge success. As it turns out, all you need is a kick-ass crust to build a dedicated fanbase. Even Guy Fieri gave them rave reviews when he featured their pizza on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
To keep spreading love as far as they can, the sisters now package and sell a line of pizza products under the brand name Happie, because healthy food Makes Your Body Smile. And while their food mission is firmly rooted in health and well-being, the Stone Sisters truly believe in Peace, Love, and Pizza, and are happily committed to changing the world — one pizza at a time!

The Stone Sisters are all about making a positive change in the world through their love of people and healthy pure organic food. Sheli says, “Our purpose is to change lives through nutrition education and providing people with whole food choices that can stop the unhealthy cycle of disease. Oh—and we’re having a darn good time doing it!