Beef Jerky Cheese Roll

A snack that just never quits when it comes to being tasty.

15 min

Chicken Parm Sliders

It’s everything you love about chicken parmesan - in a slider! These addictive little sliders are great for feeding a crowd. Make a pan of them, and watch how fast they go.


Pasta with Sweet Corn and Mushrooms

Want comfort food in a bowl? Cozy up with this buttery pasta with corn, garlic and sauteed mushrooms. Another trend we love is the pasta bowl. Starting with Della Terra – a small-batch artisan pasta maker – is the key. Della Terra’s campanelle pasta holds onto to all the tasty ingredients in our Sweet Corn and Mushroom Pasta Bowl. Sauteing a variety of J-M mushrooms, including shiitake and cremini, adds great flavor. The pasta bowl gets added creaminess and flavor from Hiland butter, Roark Acres honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar. This combination, along with the onions, corn and garlic, makes a dish you won’t want to stop eating.