Okolahoma Soda Co.

Our Story

In Edmond, Oklahoma, during a family picnic in the summer of 2017, the idea of creating unique, handcrafted sodas, that would set themselves apart from the traditional name brand soft drinks, came to be.

Our family, with age demographics spanning teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and above, taste tested over 100 different varieties of soft drinks, over an eight-month
period. We tasted varieties from all across North America and Europe, to help us achieve a starting point of what we expected our flavor profiles to be. A few
months after this we finally perfected our flavoring profile, allowing us to deliver our families’ unique flavors and recipes that are found in each of our specialty
handcrafted sodas.
Our flavors and recipes are unique to us, using only 100% pure cane sugar. We only use bottles for our products, and we will never use mass produced off-the shelf flavorings that would compromise the taste, quality, and consistency of our sodas. We brew and bottle each of our sodas from scratch and in small batch production runs. Nothing goes into the bottle until each family member signs off on it. While this process costs more and takes longer, this is what sets Okolahoma Soda Company apart. This is what makes our sodas so unique and special. When considering the name of our company, our goal was to develop the only family owned, family managed, ‘Made-In-Oklahoma’ soda company that offers many wonderful flavors. Thus, the name OKOLA-HOMA was born! We Oklahomans are passionate about our sodas. Okola-homa Soda Company was founded on Faith, Family, and Community. While our mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality handcrafted sodas, at affordable prices so every Oklahoman can enjoy them, we are committed to operate our business on the premise that our valued customers are our friends and a part of our family. We will never forget that they have a choice when it comes to buying their sodas.

We love Oklahoma and will strive to always help others. We believe in giving back to our community and this will always play a major role in Okola-homa Soda Company.

~ From Our Family To Yours!