Miller Pecan Co


From the black gumbo soil of the Neosho River Valley, the Miller family is proud to provide environmentally responsible, nutritious, delicious farm fresh pecans that capture the essence of fresh for food service and families across the country.

Being one of the only in the U.S. to take pecans from the tree to the table, they have gained the impeccable reputation of consistently providing their customers with unforgettable quality. They started harvesting pecan groves in the 1980s, and today the Miller brothers fully integrate the pecan production process out of their custom, state-of- the-art shelling facility.

Offering a full selection of pecan pieces and pecan halves, Miller Pecan Company has the distinct honor of servicing a growing list of the nation’s best specialty bakeries, gourmet candy-makers and 5-star restaurants, as well as gradually moving into the retail space.