Margarita Man


Margarita Man was founded as a frozen beverage manufacturing company and margarita machine rental company in San Antonio, Texas in 1984. Doug Henderson and Jeremy Freeman purchased Margarita Man in 2019 after using Margarita Man mixes with their Stillwater-based business, Cowboy Freeze Frozen Drink Machine Rentals. They moved Margarita Man Headquarters to Stillwater, Oklahoma in April of 2020.
Margarita Man manufactures all thirty of our premium flavors using pure cane sugar. We use real fruit purée in our fruit-based flavors, and organic flavorings go into many of our top-selling flavors such as Margarita, Strawberry, Frosé, Summertime Lemonade, Hurricane, and Strawberry-Banana. Our concentrated syrups can be mixed with tequila to make margaritas, rum to make daiquiris, vodka, whiskey, or bourbon for other delicious specialty drinks, or without alcohol to make slushies that are perfect for kids. One half-gallon of our concentrated mix makes between 3.5 – 5 gallons of finished product when mixed with water and alcohol (if desired).
There are several Margarita Man licensees around the United States who use our products and rent machines under the trademarked Margarita Man name. Margarita Man sells direct to consumers via our website,, and we sell B2B at discounted wholesale pricing to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in all fifty states. We also sell to beverage distributors in several states, making it easy for business owners to get our products from their favorite local distributor.
All thirty of our flavors are manufactured right here in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Our team of wonderful Margarita Man employees is steadily growing, helping us keep up with demand and offer quick shipping turnaround times regardless of order size. Our products are packaged in cases of six bottles, and we ship orders as small as one bottle, as large as multiple truckloads filled with pallets of mix, and everything in between.
We love helping businesses increase their profit margins by offering delicious frozen daiquiris and margaritas! We are also a distributor of Frosty Factory frozen beverage machines and supply new and existing restaurants and daiquiri shops with both machines and mixes.
Margarita Man is a proud member of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition as of July of 2022!