KayTerra Farms


Hi and Welcome to Kayterra Farms.

My name is Claudia Chambers-Beach. I  grew up farming here in Oklahoma and started Kayterra Farms with a mission back in 2016.

Our entire team here is committed to creating and producing foods that you can feel good about feeding your family.
We have wonderful jams and delicious seasonal butters that we hand craft here in our kitchen.
I’ve also expanded a new line called Aunt Stella with amazing pickled products! Yes she really is my aunt and she gets all the credit for the incredible recipes!

When you buy from Kayterra Farms, you are purchasing a quality product that has less sugar, more fruit and is all-natural… from the pure cane sugar, to the natural fruit pectin that holds it all together
That’s what we do…we connect people to a more simple time in history, when things were still made by hand. When food was still REAL, authentic and DELICIOUS!!

So, from my family to yours!!

Peace and Much Love,