Hochatown Distilling Co.


Hochatown Distilling Company was founded in 2015 in the heart of Southeastern Oklahoma with the goal of producing the finest quality spirits. The community of Hochatown has a long history of producing moonshines. These original quality moonshines were aided by the pristine waters of the Mountain Fork River and the security of the remote bottoms and hollows of the Kiamichi Mountains.

Hochatown Distilling Company was formed by four partners who grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma and all have a passion for sipping fine bourbons. Each one of these partners brings a unique skillset to the group. Army Veteran, Tommy McDaniel, has a degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Arkansas and spent 20 years in chemical and technical sales. Mitchell McDaniel has a degree in Chemistry and Biology from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and spent 30 years working in food science and analytical chemistry as well as running several testing labs worldwide. Mark McDaniel has spent his career in property development, business development and the construction industry. And Nathan Jewell is an experienced distiller who comes from a long family history of moonshiners; he also has many years of experience in the construction industry.

In the summer of 2016, with product development work completed, they began barreling Hochatown Distilling Company’s first bourbons. The partners made the decision to only release bourbons that were made onsite through mashing and distilling the finest ingredients and then aging and bottling on property. Hochatown Distilling Company’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Spearpoint Vodka were released in the Spring of 2019. Hochatown Distilling Company’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey was released in October of 2020.