Diane’s Signature Products


Diane’s Signature Products is a family owned and operated business. We produce Diane’s
Legendary Italian Dressing and Diane’s Hatch Valley Sauce and Dressing.

Both products are handcrafted, with each ingredient added one-by-one. This creates a beautiful
layered display of blended vinegars, oil, fresh minced garlic and spices. Our dressings are both
made without sugar, without added preservatives and binders and contain a non-GMO oil. It is
our goal to produce quality products that we think offer a unique and flavorful experience for the

Diane’s Legendary Italian Salad Dressing meets all gourmet standards. It has such a distinctive
tangy flavor, it leaves your taste buds tingling and your mouth craving for more! A family favorite
for over 50 years. This Legendary Dressing is Excellent as a marinade for chicken, pork
tenderloin and basting salmon and grilled vegetables. It is delicious as a dressing over pasta
salads and green leafy salads.

Diane’s Authentic Hatch Valley New Mexico Green Chili Sauce and Dressing is absolutely
amazing as an additive to any dish you are preparing. This special sauce can be added to chili,
beans of all kind, mac and cheese, potatoes and any grilled foods. We have also included a
recipe for a favorite dip on our website. Both of our products come in 12 oz glass bottles and
food service sizes.