Della Terra Pasta


Chef Chris Becker founded Della Terra Pasta in 2011 to take his passion for fine food and
delicious pasta and make this readily available to enjoy at home. As a result, his artisan
handmade pasta is available at local farmers markets, boutique shops and food markets. Della
Terra is also served in fine restaurants around the country.

Della Terra was inspired by the Great Plains of the American Midwest, meaning “of the earth”.
Our artisan pasta is made with Durum Wheat Semolina as well as other select specialty
varieties such as Spelt or Khorasan wheat. It is here, in the Great Plains, that some of America’s
best wheat is grown. Quality wheat forms the foundation for exceptional pasta. Della Terra is
committed to sourcing high quality ingredients for our pasta.

About our process, all of our pasta is prepared in small batches start to finish. First the wheat is
well kneaded in small batches to fully develop the dough. Then drawn through bronze dies to
create a porous and coarse sauce-gripping surface. Finally, slow dried at low temperatures to
preserve the natural flavor of the wheat. These defining characteristics create pasta with a
wonderful al dente bite, enjoyable texture and pleasant aroma.

Della Terra produces a full line of both retail and foodservice pasta.