Clements Foods Company


Founded in 1952 by Richard J. Clements, and his son Richard H. Clements. Clements Foods
Company Has Built a reputation as a manufacturer of quality products.

We manufacturer condiments: Jams, Jellies Preserves, Peanut Butter, Syrup, Mayonnaise,
Spoonable Salad Dressings, Pourable Salad Dressings, Mustard, BBQ Sauce and Vinegar. We
produce these in our label “Garden Club” and Private Label. We currently have private label in
all 50 states and 22 countries.

Our Peanut Butter plant is located in Lewisville, TX. All other products are made at our main
facility in Oklahoma City, which covers over 150,000 square feet on 18 acres. A modern
state-of-the-art- Vinegar plant was completed in 2000 adjacent to the main plant in Oklahoma

Clements Foods is large enough to offer economical prices while small enough to remain
responsive to the customers needs. A program of constant upgrade and improvement in both
processing and packaging has resulted in one of the most modern and efficient food
manufacturing facilities in the nation.