Canadian River Vineyards


Established in 1999, Canadian River Winery is located in rural Slaughterville, OK about a quarter of a mile from the South Canadian River. Canadian River Winery is nestled within 8 acres of grape vineyards and is designated as an Oklahoma Small Farm Winery because our wines are proudly made from Oklahoma grown grapes. As we like to say “From Oklahoma Vines to Oklahoma Wines”. Canadian River Winery has very competitive pricing, and is poised to sell our wines in Grocery and Convenience Stores. Our wines are currently available at the winery which is an agri-tourism venue or through licensed Oklahoma Wholesalers who place Canadian River Wines in Retail Liquor Stores and in Oklahoma Restaurants. We custom label for special events and for our restaurant customers. We carry over 16 varieties of wines from dry to sweet. Many of our wines are national award winners. Moscato and Chocolate Drop are our two best selling wines and crowd favorites. Our master winemakers background and experience has brought him from California to Oklahoma and he strives to show all wine makers and wine drinkers alike that Oklahoma can grow and produce quality, competitive and delicious Oklahoma grown wines. Stop by to taste the difference.