Bedre Fine Chocolate


The story of Bedré Fine Chocolate began over four decades ago. A small chocolatier operating
out of the former Homer Elementary School near Ada, Oklahoma, Bedré Fine Chocolate was
determined to make the highest quality chocolate. This attitude is exemplified by our ancient
traditions and modern flavor.

Bedré Fine Chocolate remained a local staple, and in 2000, the Chickasaw Nation purchased
the company and gave it new life. Building on a rich legacy and love of curating the bold and
delicate flavors of chocolate, the Chickasaw Nation turned the small chocolatier into a nationally
recognized luxury chocolate brand. Having upgraded our manufacturing facilities with
state-of-the-art technology and practices, Bedré Fine Chocolate has set the standard for
premium quality chocolate.

Our recipes are tried and true and reflect the time-honored tradition of the Native American
peoples who first cultivated this divine delicacy. Now, as the only Native American tribe to create
its own brand of fine chocolate, we take great pride in our products and instill our cultural
passion into every delicious morsel. Given our strong ties to our culture and community, we
make an effort to give back to the land and people who support us.

Bedré Fine Chocolate enjoys contributing to educational, health and wellness programs and
also supports the endeavors of a number of philanthropic organizations within the Chickasaw