Paradiso Water Co.


Paradiso Water Co. provides the highest-quality spring water Oklahoma can offer. We draw our water directly from a protected underground aquifer and purify it through a series of chemical-free reverse osmosis and ozonation processes. The result is clean, crisp, and refreshing artesian water. Our water is then bottled in durable PET recyclable bottles that you can take with you wherever you go. 
We offer custom water bottles in a variety of sizes, colors, and caps – perfect for the office, event, marketing collateral, wedding, or party. Labels can also be customized using your logo, pictures, slogans, or color schemes. 
Looking for home or office water delivery? We make it easy, offering free delivery for customers in the Oklahoma City metro area, with products ranging from our Paradiso blue water, 3 and 5-gallon jugs, water dispenser rentals, and more.
Interested in coffee and tea services as well? We partner with Neighbors Coffee, providing coffee in whole bean, ground, or filter packs. Tea is available in filter packs or in an assortment of K-Cup flavors. 
We carry a complete line of hot cocoas, soft drinks, paper, and plasticware, as well as many other break room supplies. 
Paradiso means to be in a state of complete happiness – our water quality is sure to take you there!