What is MIO?


MIO Coalition

In March 2000, seven Oklahoma food manufacturers began meeting to discuss ways in which they could collectively work together to increase sales of their products. The group embraced the goal of pooling resources to create a substantial marketing campaign. They realized the greater the number of Made In Oklahoma products, the greater the impact, and the greater the impact, the greater the sales. As a result the Made In Oklahoma Coalition was formed.


Today, 60+ members companies match public dollars with private funds to create marketing campaigns supported by retail advertisements, point-of-sale materials, billboards, radio commercials, social media, recipe contests, food service sales promotions, television segments and special appearances.


To promote brand awareness and consumer loyalty for Oklahoma food and agricultural products through collective marketing for the purpose of increasing sales, maintaining business retention and expanding Oklahoma's food processing sector.


In 2015 - the MIO Coalition membership employed more than 28,000 people. The MIO Coalition membership generated more than $4.1 billion in sales; 85 percent of which were sales exported to other states and/or countries.

By purchasing MIO products, Oklahoman's are supporting their neighbors, generating income for the state, and enjoying everything from mouth-watering entrees to tasty desserts!