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Back Door Barbecue is the third restaurant in the Uptown 23rd area opened by Chris Lower and Kathryn Mathis. The other two, Big Truck Tacos and Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs, have been around long enough to have an established reputation for quality. Back Door just opened in August of 2013, and it’s already become a popular destination on NW 23rd. Back Door is modeled on some of America’s famous barbecue joints, like Franklin’s in Austin, but as with all of Lower’s and Mathis’s projects, there is a stamp on Back Door that makes it unique. Traditional dishes are on the menu—brisket, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, etc.—but there are very pleasant surprises on the menu that you likely have not seen in a barbecue joint.

Nothing travels better than barbecue!  We can cater mouthwatering smoked meats and sides that will be every bit as good at your home or business as they are at the restaurant.  We are able to provide a one-stop shopping experience for your next big event.  We can handle the rentals and help you plan a party that your friends will never forget.  Call us at 525-RIBS and select the catering option to speak to someone who wants your event to be as great as you want it to be!  We look forward to bringing the taste of the Hill Country to your next picnic, party, wedding or meeting...