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Posted by Made in Oklahoma on 04/10/2017


Tell us a bit about Ace in the Bowl, how it all started and how you got to where you are today. 

Over the last twenty years, I have been asked many times if I ever thought of marketing my salsa because it had such a unique taste. At first I did not give it much thought. My husband and I have a small business and at that time our girls kept us busy with school and all their activities. How would I have time to start a Made In Oklahoma Salsa business with everything I had in my life to do?

In January of 2012, I thought the time might be right to look into this idea of having a Made In Oklahoma product. So with the help of Oklahoma State University's Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center, I learned the process and approach it would take to commercialize my product. Soon after, Unique Foods, LLC became a reality and in October 2012, Ace in the Bowl Salsa was in jars ready to go on store shelves.




That's amazing, what makes your product different from big brand salsas?

Ace in the Bowl is an olive oil salsa with high quality ingredients not found in most off-the-shelf salsas. It is an all natural with now sugar aded and Gluten-free with vinegar as the only added preservative. The salsa is low in calories, carbohydrates, fast and sodium. The salsa has a unique flavor because it has ingredients not found in other salsas found on store shelves. When I do samplings, I love to see people's reaction as they taste the salsa. It truly has a unique taste.



Currently I'm in love with this Mild Salsa but you have more than just one level of heat...

Yes! Ace in the Bowl Salsa comes in Mild, my original recipe, Medium and Hot, for those who like a little "kick". We wanted to make a salsa that goes great with everything and has different levels of heat for everyone, and all ages. we've enhanced a lot of family recipes from cheese balls, creamy dips, casseroles, and even soups just by adding some Ace in the Bowl Salsa. The ideas are endless! 


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