Field's Pies


If there's a dessert dear to the hearts of Oklahomans, it's pecan pie. And if there's been a pecan pie Oklahomans have been willing to travel for, for years its name has been Field's. Today, you may not have to travel any farther than the grocery store for a sample, because Field's pies are marketed throughout Oklahoma and the states around us. And the pies that once came from a Field family kitchen now roll out of giant ovens in a modern factory, 13,500 square feet of complex machinery and precast cement, baking since 1975. Though its pecan pie that's made them famous - and makes up 85% of their sales - the Fields and their employees actually bake four kinds of pies: Pecan, German Chocolate and Lemon Chess. All are frozen fresh from the oven and only have to be thawed to serve.